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Taranaki Mounga Wānanga series

Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa held an online wānanga on Thursday 9 March 2023 to talk about the rebuild of the North Taranaki Visitor Centre. This project intends to strengthen our identity, connection and visibility on our mounga for Te Atiawa.

This wānanga was for uri and an opportunity for us all to come together and share our dreams, aspirations and kōrero about what this new Te Atiawa whare could look, feel and sound like. It was also a chance to meet the project team who will be bringing this project to fruition.

This online wānanga was hosted by Te Kotahitanga Pouwhakarae Liana Poutu and Pouwhakakaupapa Gina MacDonald and is our second wānanga for uri of Te Atiawa to attend. The first was held at Muru Raupatu Marae on Sunday 26 February 2023.

Have you wanted to learn more about your connection as an uri of Te Atiawa to our tupuna mounga, Koro Taranaki? This online series is for you!

During February and March 2022, Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa delivered a series on online wānanga. Our panel of hosts discussed a variety of topics including our history, our whakapapa connection, tikanga, karakia and waiata that relate to our mounga. We discussed the Taranaki Maunga Settlement process and what this means for all of us as uri and we looked into the future to talk about our shared aspirations and vision of what we want our mokopuna to experience.

Wānanga 1 (view episode)

Topics discussed include:

– A reflection on our history
– Te haerenga mai o Pukeonaki | The journey of our tupuna
– Te Kāhui Mounga | Who are the people of the Kāhui mounga
– Tokomaru | The arrival of Tokomaru waka, the cargo and our people of Tokomaru

Wānanga 2 (view episode)

– our hapū make up
– what our rohe looked like historically and how it looks today, as well as
– providing answers to some of the pātai asked in our first wānanga.

Wānanga 3 (view episode)

– our hekenga,
– ngā wāhi o te Mounga / place names on the mounga,
– nga whakataukitanga (guiding principles) when negotiating the mounga settlement, as well as
– providing answers to some of the questions asked by whānau in our previous wānanga.

Wānanga 4 (view episode)

– a short recap on our last three wānanga,
– restoration work on Te Papakura o Taranaki from the Taranaki Mounga Project,
– uri share their aspirations for our tupuna maunga.


– a short recap on our last four wānanga, and
– an update on the Taranaki Maunga negotiations.

The series was delivered via Zoom and hosted by Jamie Tuuta, Liana Poutu, Te Poihi Campbell and Hemi Sundgren. With guest panelists Anaru Wilkie, Damon Ritai, Sera Gibson and Mitchell Ritai.

Keep an eye on our website for more online wānanga and special events where we celebrate our Te Atiawatanga.