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Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata

In January 2014 the Te Atiawa (Taranaki) iwi fisheries Mandated Iwi Organisation (MIO), Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Settlement Trust implemented the Pātaka Whāta system – commonly referred to as the ‘Pātaka’ – a facility for iwi to store primarily fish provided from a commercial operation for customary use for the benefit of its members. With the passing of the Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Iwi Settlement Act, in December 2016, Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust (the Trust) became the Te Atiawa (Taranaki) MIO and is pleased to continue to support the Pātaka policy for the benefit of its members.

The primary purpose of the Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata is to provide fish to Te Atiawa (Taranaki) iwi, marae, hapū, and whānau for important customary non-commercial purposes.

Please note: The Pātaka is for charitable purposes only. Support will not be provided to ‘for profit’ events i.e. events or contributions to an event that will generate a private profit for an individual, business, or other entity. Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata is for use within the rohe of Te Atiawa (Taranaki).

The process for requesting pātaka is:

  • Requests for pātaka must be made through the Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa pātaka kaitiaki, based at the office by email at or by phone on 06 7584685
  • Requests can only be made by Te Atiawa (Taranaki) registered members for the benefit of Te Atiawa (Taranaki) members for approved purposes as set out in the Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata Policy Version 4 (17 May 2019) as listed below.

Approved Purposes

  • Tangihanga and Hura Kohatu (unveiling)
  • Significant Te Atiawa Iwi Events (Māui Pōmare Day, Te Riri me Te Raukura)
  • Iwi, Marae and Hapū AGM or SGM
  • Marae/hapū activities which are of benefit to marae/hapū members e.g. wānanga, working bees
  • Whānau activities which are of significance to whānau members (whānau reunion, weddings, birthdays of significance)
  • Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Kaumātua Xmas Functions and noho marae

Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata kaitiaki should be contacted immediately for tangihanga. All requests, with the exception of tangihanga must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the planned event.

Those requesting pātaka must provide Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata Kaitiaki with the information set below:

  • Name of Pātaka Permit Holder – this must be a registered Te Atiawa Member
  • Contact details of permit holder – current address and contact phone number
  • Venue where the pātaka will be used: (must be within the Taranaki rohe)
  • Purpose for which the pātaka will be used (this must be an approved purpose as listed above, where the pātaka is required for an individual they must be of Te Atiawa descent, and the name of that individual must be supplied)
  • Date on which the pātaka will be used (date of event)
  • Date on when the pātaka will be collected
  • Details of authorised person who will be collecting the pātaka, if different to the permit holder.
  • Contact details of authorised person (who will be collecting pātaka)

Constraining distributions

From time to time it may be necessary to constrain the amount of pātaka distributed through the Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata. Should this take effect the Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata Kaitiaki will endeavour that this is communicated clearly and in a timely manner to members.

Barter, trade and sale

Under no circumstances is any pātaka that has been accessed via the Te Atiawa (Taranaki) Pātaka Whata to be bartered, traded, or sold.

Customary Fishing Permits/Hapū Kaitiaki

Can I gather fish/kaimoana myself?
Yes, this can be done by being issued a customary fishing permit. Permits are issued by your appointed hapū kaitiaki. If you wish to apply for a customary permit or require more information about customary fishing permits please contact your hapū office/hapū kaitiaki.