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Te Taiao

Our Environment
Developing our capability as Te Atiawa to exercise rangatiratanga and
kaitiakitanga over our wāhi tapu, wāhi tupuna, mahinga kai
and other taonga tuku iho.

Traditionally, the volcanic soil, plentiful fresh water, and rich marine life of the Te Atiawa rohe provided our people with food resources, medicines, and materials that were used for a range of domestic, artistic and ceremonial purposes. However, historical Crown actions and various kinds of environmental degradation has affected the ability of Te Atiawa to protect and preserve these natural and cultural resources.

Today, we express our vision for the future in terms of moving from raupatu to restoration. We can now forge the next stage of our tribal journey to preserve our tribal identity and begin to create a prosperous future for our people. The responsibility of current generations is to honour the deeds and values of our tupuna and to create an inheritance for future generations. Te Atiawa now have a responsibility to be the kaitiaki of our natural and cultural resources to achieve the culturally rich, boundless future our tupuna dreamed we could achieve.

Our environment is a part of who we are. We endeavour to protect and preserve our historical, cultural and spiritual connection with the environment. As kaitiaki we are responsible for protecting the mauri of our natural and cultural resources.

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