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Education Grants

Te Mātauranga
Assisting our members to realise their aspirations and to realise academic success.

Our 2023 Education Grants are now closed

2023 Education Grants – processing applications now

Thank you to all our Te Atiawa uri who have submitted their application for our 2023 Education Grants. 

We have had an excellent response and are currently assessing all applications. As you can appreciate, with the large volume of applications we will do our best to get back to all applicants as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, you can email:

Our 2024 Education Grants will be open early next year

Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust is committed to assisting our members to realise their educational aspirations and realise academic success. Our education grants are guided by the Educational Grants policy and the key principles of the policy are:

  • Facilitating opportunities for Te Atiawa iwi members to be well educated and to participate in life-long learning;
  • Promoting and rewarding educational excellence;
  • Facilitating access to quality education and training opportunities; and
  • Fostering a commitment to contribute the knowledge and skills gained through education for the future benefit of Te Atiawa iwi.

Te Kotahitanga is offering four types of grants to our members:

  1. Postgraduate grant ie. Post Grad Diploma, Masters, PhD
  2. Undergraduate grant ie. Bachelor’s Degree
  3. Tertiary grant ie. Certificate or Diploma
  4. Secondary school grant ie. Year 11-13 students


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