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Te Hononga Grants

Kia ū ki tō tātou Te Atiawatanga

Accepting Grant applications until 30 June 2024

Te Hononga Grants support registered Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa whānau and Te Atiawa rōpū with the costs of running or attending events and/or programmes that strengthen the cultural capacity of Te Atiawa iwi. Also, to promote the connection of Te Atiawa iwi members within our traditional Taranaki rohe and nationally.

Te Kotahitanga has two offerings. Both offerings operate on a co-funding arrangement. Te Kotahitanga is committed to supporting up to half of the costs associated with the kaupapa you are applying for.

Tahua ā-nuku (up to $5000.00)

This offering supports whānau or rōpū-based cultural & connection events. The offering provides co-funding on a 50/50 basis up to a maximum of $5,000 plus GST per event that promotes cultural and connection amongst whānau or rōpū affiliated to Te Atiawa.

This can include events such as:

  1. Cultural wānanga
  2. Whānau events or reunions
  3. Te Atiawa representative sports teams
  4. Exhibitions promoting Te Atiawa art, culture, or literature
  5. Whānau events run by whenua Māori land blocks within Te Atiawa area of interest
  6. Other events that align with Te Atatū that the Pouwhakahaere approves that meet the purpose of the fund.

Tahua ā-rangi (over $5000.00)

This offering is for a Large Cultural Event. The offering provides co-funding on a 50/50 basis which:

  1. Demonstrate collective Te Atiawa benefit
  2. Commemorate or celebrate an important event or person in the history of Te Atiawa
  3. Support Te Atiawa reo me ona tikanga and the promotion of traditions and history
  4. Connect Te Atiawa whānau with their traditional takiwa and marae and/or
  5. Can be attended or experienced by any Te Atiawa uri.

Note: Large funding requests that exceed $5,000 will be by application directly with our Pouwhakarite Pūtea Tautoko (Grants Manager). Please email to arrange an appointment.

Funding can be applied towards the following activities:

  1. Venue hire and kai
  2. Professional services fees for experts to deliver cultural content
  3. Travel expenses (both for those outside the region to return home or for groups to travel to other regions)
  4. The provision of Te Atiawa merchandise to attendees
  5. Sponsorship of a specific component of a larger event. • Other expenses relating to the delivery of the event.

Need some awhi with your application? Contact our Powhakarite Pūtea Tautoko (Grants Manager) Raymond Tuuta.

Email: or contact the office at 06 758 4685.