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Māori Education Trust 2020 Scholarship Programme

The Māori Education Trust 2020 Scholarship Programme is open and offers scholarships to Māori secondary school and tertiary students who meet the respective scholarship’s criteria. 

The 2020 Tertiary Scholarship Programme is made up of the following scholarships:

·         Frances Irwin Hunt Art Scholarship
·         Māori Education Trust Undergraduate Scholarship
·         Nicholas Irwin Hunt Writing Scholarship
·         Norman Kirk Memorial Scholarship (to be confirmed)
·         Rose Hellaby Bursaries Scholarship
·         Roy Watling Mitchell Bursaries Scholarship
·         Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Scholarship
·         Sister Annie Henry Scholarship
·         Tī Maru Māori Trust Scholarship
·         Whanake-HERA Scholarship

·         Eric Hall McCormick Scholarship
·         Māori Education Trust Scholarship:  Hapū or Iwi Development
·         Māori Education Trust Scholarship:  STEM
·         Queen Elizabeth II Postgraduate Fellowship
·         Rangiriri and Mātene Te Whiwhi Winiata Scholarship
·         Rose Hellaby Postgraduate Scholarship
·         Roy Watling Mitchell Prestigious Professions Scholarship
·         Tī Maru Māori Trust Prestigious Scholarship

Certificates, National Certificates and Diplomas:
·         Regina Rudland Memorial Scholarship

Applicants can download an application form from our site, or contact The Māori Education Trust and we will forward copies by email or post.

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