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Rauhī Te Atiawa

Te Atiawa Leadership Mentoring Programme

Integral to our collective wellbeing Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust (Te Kotahitanga) continues to actively develop, influence and provide opportunities to grow leadership capacity and capability. 

In partnership with Mentoring Foundation New Zealand, Te Kotahitanga would like to announce the launch of Rauhī Te Atiawa, a six month Te Atiawa Leadership Mentoring Programme that provides a platform to formally connect respected leaders (mentors) with emerging leaders (mentees) in alignment with our purpose which is to “to actively grow, influence and provide opportunities to grow leadership that are integral to our collective wellbeing”. 

Rauhī Te Atiawa is an iwi-led leadership programme that provides the opportunity for Te Atiawa members 18+ age to engage in a forum where leadership insights based on experience are shared and appropriate cultural values observed. There only 10 spaces available.

How does it work?
You’ll be matched with a mentor whose skills and experience overlap with your current needs.  Together with your mentor, you’ll work towards identifying focus areas and achieving a goal(s).

What to expect 
One mentoring session per month (commencing in April 2020)
Over six months
Each session will last 1-2hrs. 

If you are looking to advance your leadership aspirations in your field of interest e.g. governance, education, art, culture/reo, natural environment, sports, well-being, rongoā or any other sector you are interested in, this mentoring programme is for you.  Te Kotahitanga invites you to seize this opportunity and mahi ngātahi (work together) towards meeting your goals and aspirations.

Expression of Interest Form
To access the Expression of Interest form, simply click on the following link. 

Closing date Thursday 12th March 2020.

If you have any inquiries contact Te Poihi Campbell

Explanation of name: Rauhī Te Atiawa
Rauhī: As a verb rauhī means to “gather together” and “to assemble”.  It also means “take care of”, “to foster” and “to protect”.    
Te Atiawa: refers to whānau who have an affiliation with Te Atiawa Iwi.  Te Atiawa also reflects  Te Atiawa cultural priorities and key principles

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