Waitomo Fuel has opened up in Moturoa on Breakwater Road.
Managing Director Jimmy Ormsby pictured at the opening.

Ngati Te Whiti, welcome Waitomo Petroleum to Ngamotu, pictured above new owner of the Otaka site Jimmy Ormsby. Blessing of completed site and Official Opening was held Tuesday 6th August. The site was purchased 18 months ago from Mobil Oil. On the 28th September 2018, Ngati Te Whiti Chair Trenton Martin, Julie Healey Deputy Chair and kaumaatua Donald Harris, met with BTW, Led Planner Jeremy Brophy. From that meeting, we were able to express our Hapu connection to Otaka and asked politely for Waitomo Petroleum to address the following, included NTW response.

  1. The location of the waahi tapu stream – NTW – reviewed plan provided, acknowledge that stream is piped under the adjoining property to the east.
  2. The proposed location of the 3 chamber, oil and grit and purceptor (interceptors) -NTW – reviewed plan provided, acknowledge that stormwater will be treated and through interceptor
  3. Monitor onsite during topsoil stripping,  -NTW – have a preference to have two monitors when the deeper pit excavations are taking place i.e. fuel tanks and interceptor areas, for one to monitor the digger excavating and the second to view the stockpile for any material that may be uncovered.  One monitor would be adequate for the remaining shallow ground preparation works.
  4. Planting native trees.Waitomo offer, would possibly consider planting a number of Karaka Trees around the wetland area onsite (if hapu area agreeable) and understand the significance of this area to Hapu NTW – supportive of the offer to provide Karaka trees onsite near the wetland
  5. Emergency response plan and Environmental plan that would be used for this fuel station site. NTW – noted spill contingency plans that will be in place.
  6. Acknowledge the site as Otaka.-NTW – kia ora

Waitomo consulted with Ngati Te Whiti hapu throughout the process and decided to list the area on which the site sits as Otaka, rather than Moturoa, in respect of the Otaka pā. We NTW board were humbled by Waitomo inclusive approach towards our Hapu, in addition, BTW Jeremy for his respectful and positive attitude, demonstrated throughout the consultation process. Thank you for the positive experience.
We would like to wish, Waitomo Otaka, the very best for the future. To all Hapu members all inquiries, please send to our lovely Secretary / Treasurer Philly Fairclough ngatitewhitsocietyinc@gmail.com

Rebecca Inns Photography 027.jpg
Trenton Martin Chair, Haydn Te Ruki Cultural Advisor and Jimmy Ormsby Waitomo Fuel
Rebecca Inns Photography 005.jpg
Hapu members, L-R Lydia Braddock, Andrys Underwood, Julie Healey, Mayor Neil Holdem BTW Led Planner Jeremy Brophy, Owner Jimmy Ormsby
Rebecca Inns Photography 044.jpg
Julie Healey Deputy Chair and Jimmy Ormsby, switching on Price board 91 @ 1.89 diesel 1.15 WOW
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Hapu members Trenton Martin and Karl Broughton
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On the forecourt with Coolstores in the background
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