Naumai Haere mai 
Announced at Hapu Hui 
28 May 2019

Ngati Te Whiti Society Inc 
AGM Hui 
Will be held at 
Port Taranaki Office 
2 Bayly Road
30 June 2019 
Doors Open at 915am 
Election to replace one officer also Agenda to be advised 
Port Taranaki Office streamline their front desk with a smart, simple and secure visitor management system. All Hapu members are required to sign in on arrival. Enter your name along with Phone number. Take your printed name tag and keep on your person at all times. At the end of our Hui members are asked to please scan name tags when exiting the building.
In the event of an Emergency, all members will be asked to exit the building from the 2nd floor only, assemble in the car park and wait for Port Security to clear the site.

A member will be present to assist with sign in.

Nga mihi nui

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