Naumai Haere mai
Coolstores hui, tomorrow night at Central School 530pm with
​Antoine Coffin 1st stage, information gathering CIA report.

Also attending Brad Kisby , Consultant for Seaport Company.

Antoine is an expert in resource management, heritage planning, research and community engagement. He has worked for regional, local government and corporate organisations, academic institutions and held a number of community, iwi and international positions on boards.

Antoine has worked for Heritage NZ, Auckland Regional Council, Auckland War Memorial Museum and Boffa Miskell. Te Onewa Consultants allows Antoine to work on projects that he feels passionate about and challenging.

He is proud to be of Ngaiterangi, Ngāti Ranginui, and Raukawa descent of Tauranga Moana, as well as a descendant of French and American settlers. Insert from profile.

Nga mihi Julie

PS David is cooking

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  1. Haydn-Claude Te Ruki

    He was also chosen to be on the commissioners panel to the new resource management Acts Reform Change 2019, and he has done many CIAs all over the motu, not sure weather he’s capable in this arena, however he does have the credentials, we (public) the concerned were allowed to submit to the commission, however there were no hearings in Nga Motu, had to go to WTGN or Kirikiriroa, and then covid hit and i some-what went of the boil on this kaupapa, “covid” and the “Bubble” steered me away to a more enclosed environment where we could hook into the Iwi/GOVT sites for this information, we still can tap into them for info, and its still proceeding as we speak, This Kaupapa is important to all Hapu of Aotearoa, simply because the RMA, sits with the Iwi-Environmental Management Plan under the Iwi Deed of Settlement 2014, with all other Governing Bodies of Authority and Consents. so we should all take an interest in this kaupapa because our Wahi Tapu sub-Committee sits right in there for all Resource Consents handed to the hapu for consultations, with those developers wishing to engage with tangata whenua for consents for developement, build, or to have an activity on this land. So every thing that has been mentioned here has been adhered to and the Hapu must pursue these matters of concern within their rohe, and what a kool Kaupapa it is to…hope to see more members get involved specially our wahi tapu crew who have worked with this kaupapa for over 25yrs+…..fingers CROSSED… heoi kati au taku pitopito korero, ma tenei wa, no reira noho ake ra whanau, Nga Mihinui kia koutou ki a tatou aa kati